Travel Myths Debunked by a backpacker

Travel Myths Debunked by a backpacker

I started travelling to different places the minute I got done with college. Over the years I have listened to people who have a dream to travel but never travel because they spout these claims that they think are facts. If anything these claims are absolute myths, and if you do the littlest of research, you’ll find that these myths can easily be debunked. I am writing this article in complete frustration because there is nothing like travelling and there are obstacles to do it but those can easily be overcome, and the reasons that are often cited are stupid myths.


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  1. Travel is expensive

Well in essence travel can be costly, if you let it be. People misconstrue vacationing with travelling. The two can either go hand in hand or can be poles apart. If you wish to travel to a new place, to explore the local culture, you can get by with a minimal budget. But if you wish to visit the same place and book a resort for your stay and eat the finest of food, then yeah you’re going to be burning a lot of money. I had the pleasant experience of backpacking across Europe with a travel fund that I built over a year with an average paying job. I come back and find out that my colleague was in Spain the same time as me, but she had spent 10 times more than me because she ended up taking a wine tour that was suggested by the hotel that she was staying in; she was furious when I told her that I took the same wine tour for a fraction of the price because I was on good terms with the local guide who I had met at a farmer’s market. The point that I am trying to make is that travelling isn’t expensive but vacationing is. You have to make that all-important choice; whether you wish to be a tourist or a traveller.

  1. Stranger Things

There are a number of platforms where people put up couches and rooms up for rent for travellers. More often than not these are the best deals around. The website interface is top notch, and these people who list rentals are often vetted, so it is not as dangerous as people make it out to be. Crime rates have greatly decreased, but people still shy away from using these services and then put the blame on travelling for their increased costs.

Watch this space for more such rants on travel myths.

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