(un)classes = learning for fun

Ever wish you had the choice to get up off the couch and spend the afternoon learning to rock climb, cook, or maybe juggle? Well, we have and that’s why we came up with (un)classes. (un)classes are premised on the belief that everyone has *something* to teach and learning doesn’t always have to be a formal experience requiring big up-front commitments. We call this idea casual learning, and it’s at the heart of unclasses.org.

Casual learning is for people like us, who have hectic lives and struggle to find fun and interesting ways to satisfy their intellectual curiosity in the limited free time they have. Think of it as educational snacking, a low-touch way to explore topics that interest you.

But what we hope will make (un)classes truly special is the community. We want to foster an environment for fun people to explore mutual interests in stress-free social settings. And you are in charge: wanna learn something no one is teaching, create a class and recruit a teacher; have a hobby you love and want to share, offer to teach it and assemble some students.